Meet Jasmyn, Lehman College’s Animated Information Literacy Advocate!

Jasmyn was created by Michael Ferraro and Jennifer Poggiali, with generous funding from the Institute of Museum and Library Services. She was built in Ferraro’s Kabuki RealTime Software, which allows animation to be generated in real time. This means she can be used in videos and live events at a fraction of the price of other animation.

Jasmyn is an “Information Literacy Advocate.” She was created to be used in library instructional videos, which are concerned with a set of capacities often called Information Literacy. These include formulating a research question, finding and evaluating information, and using information ethically and appropriately.

The website provides more information and resources related to our Sparks! Ignition Grant, and updates on how Jasmyn is being used here at Lehman College. Please direct any questions to or